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Tantra Retreat

Tantra word basically means to expand, as the verse goes "Tanyati Vistaryati Iti Tantrah". It means that which helps to expand the body is called Tantra, over the last few centuries. Tnatra has acquired a bad name due to wrong hands it has gone into, but  tantra is one of the most potent and powerful instrument to reach God or even fulfil the mundane desires. The core tantric principles are very simple but thanks to human brain for which, "the complex something is better it will be"

Tantra is for eveyone, irrespective of the caste, sex, colour, nationality unlike the vedantic rules wgere the caste and societal hierarchy plays a crutial role. In Tantric Retreats we explore the following aspects.


  Homa-Talking To God Through                                 Fire

Fire is a very important element in Indian tradition. Even the very first hymn of the oldest Veda is dedicated to fire. Fire is taken as the priests of Gods


Mantras- God In Sound

Sound is a form of energy and this was understood by the ancient Indian Seers and formulated different ways to invoke particular kinds of energy.



Navaratri means the nine nights. These are special 9 Nights that fall twice an year dedicated to the Devine feminine. One  of the best time periods to.....

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