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Our Mission 

"Shareer Madhyam Khaludharam Sadhnam"



The ultimate goal of every human activity is to achieve the highest whether you called it Liberation, Moksha, Nirvana or even having a good sex or enjoying a buffet.

But Sanatan dharma has to say something very important  "Shareer Madhyam Khaludharam Sadhnam", that means with the help of the body you can achieve everything, whether it is material or spiritual. Here at Anmol Alayam we work on core of Indian philosophy i.e. PURUSHARTH CHATUSHTAYA Dharma(Righteous responsibility) Arth (economics/material world), kaam (the desire) and Moksha (liberation).

Only if you are in a healthy body, can you achieve all four. Keeping this in mind, Anmol  Alayam provides you an environment where you can heal yourself physically, mentally and  emotionally and grow to achieve whatever you want in life. For this we offer a number of retreats and wellness activities to facilitate your overall growth.

With a team of experts in different fields, we ensure you to be in safe hands. Looking forward to see you at Anmol Alayam


At Anmol Alayam, we set aside apart from the retreat/ course/ workshop specific rules, few general guidelines that everyone is expected to follow.

  • Any kind of intoxicants are neither promoted, nor allowed at our center.

  • All are required to behave responsibly keeping in mind the values & decorum of Anmol Alayam & fellow participants.

  • All are expected to wear proper clothing which shall not only be comfortable to oneself but also to others.

  • One is free to express himself/ herself & be what one wants to be but remember your freedom ends where others' no begins.

  • Anmol Alayam reserves the right to expel any participant if found violating any of the general as well as activity specific code of conduct. In such a case of breach after second warning, the participant will be expelled from the center without any refund.

  • We have no problem with your food & lifestyle preferences & we respect that but one is expected to follow the schedule as specified in the activity one is coming for.

  • At Anmol Alayam we strictly follow the Sanatan traditions & all participants are expected to respect our values & we respect  others' beliefs. But in no case we are planning religious conversions.



Abiding by the rules of dharma, we tend to take righteous decisions which are for a greater good of society and not merely self centered.


Once you are righteous and have the required resources, you can fulfill any kind of desire you have because you no more think only of personal benefits.


For without money we can't even survive that is why it is kept as the second goal. Also if you are righteous, the money flows to you and if you are directed towards greater good, all resources are provided by nature.


When you are righteous, have resources to carry out the responsibilities and judiciously fulfill the desires, what else is left in the world for you to do? You are liberated at that point.

Getting Here



TEL: 9599098321


If you want to spend time with us , in order to get deeper into spirituality/ want a break from the regular life/ looking for some detoxification or just want a safe and conducive environment, feel free to get inn touch with us.


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