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Dinacharya is made of two words din means day and charya means regimen. Dinacharya is the ayurvedic protocol for guiding on how activities are to be planned and conducted during the day. Starting from waking up in the morning and ending at the bed at night. A full plan backed by proper logical and scientific explanation backed by Ayurveda.


This course is carefully designed following the Ayurvedic rules and adjusting them with the modern lifestyles so that the acient knowledge can still benefit the modern world. In this course we deeply study first about the prakruti (our genetic code) and Vikruti (the present state of doshas) paradigm and then explore the various activities with their scientific aspects.


The course is offered both as live online sessions and recorded online videos. The dates for which will be announced as and when it is launched whereas the recorded course can be enrolled for at any point of time. The live online sessions attaches with then the option of Q & A sessin.

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