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Fating has been an integral part of Indian culture and was made as a part of customs and traditions to fast on particular days so that people do not miss out their health. In the present times to many people are attracted towards the concept of fasting but rarely people understand that fasting is not that easy as it seems to be.

Ayurveda lays down specific rules to fasting and also lists out the various types of fasting best suited for different health issues and body types.


The course is based on the ayurvedic section of detoxification where there is mention of various methods of fasting according to different problems to remove the toxins from the body. Here we are going to learn how to start fasting and most importantly how to end fasting as most people miss on this important aspect. How many days should we fast, along with the prescribed herbs to be taken which facilitate detoxification and provide strength to the system during fasting.


This course is offered in the form of live online sessions and recorded sessions and offline in person worksjop. The recorded sessions can be enrolled for at any point at one's convenience. The live online sessions are conducted on specific dates which will be announced as and when they are launched. It also has the benefit of Q and A sessions.

The offline in person workshops provide a unique experience of learning the techniques with the master and clearing out the doubts as and when they arise. The offline in person workshops are conducted on specific dates which will be announced on our platforms accordingly.

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