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Our gut is the main machinery of our body on which complete system runs. The food   that we eat is processed in our gut. The digestion, assimilation, absorption all happens in our gut. The accumulation and elimination of toxins too is facilitated by our gut. So maintaining our gut health becomes utmost important. Our gut comprises the complete elementary canal starting from the mouth till the anus. Complete Ayurvedic remedies revolve around our GI tract, to correct our digestive fire and keep our GI tract clean as it is the starting unit of our body's machinery.


The program educates the learner about the importance of Gut health, taking a tour of the Ayurvedic understanding of the digestive system, drawing parallels between the Ayurvedic and the modern terminologies, understanding the formation and elimination of toxins through our body.


The course is offered both as live online sessions and recorded online videos. The dates for the live online sessions will be announced as and when it is launched whereas the recorded course can be enrolled for at any point of time. The Live online sessions attach with them the option of Q & A sessions.

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