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"ksharati iti shareeraha" as the saying goes, this body is getting corroded every moment. aging is a process that started the moment you were born. Sadly, the society has developed strange notions about aging and labelled it as bad and to be delayed. To stay young forever is the goal of most of the people now a days. Ayurveda clearly depicts how to celebrate each and every age that is why it provides us the guidelines to stay fit and active in each age.


Aging gracefully has been designed for people in the age group forty and fifty as this is the time period is called prauda avastha in sanskrit, meaning " transition between youth and old age". So this becomes a very important time to protect the bodily tissues from a rapid degradation and debility. Ayurveda lists down the proper schedule, diets and other herbs that protect and maintain the strength of the tissues keeping them ever active and strong. In this course we are going to deal with the proper diet, regulating the sleep cycles, use of proper herbs.


This course is offered in the form of live online sessions, recorded sessions and offline in person workshops. The recorded sessions can be enrolled for at any point of time at one's conenience. The live online sessions are conducted on multiple dates which will be announced as and when the courses are launched. It also has the benefit of Q and A session.

The offline in person workshop provides a unique experience of learning the techniques with the master and clearing out the doubts as and when they arise. The offline in person workshops are conducted on specific dates which will be announced on our platforms accordingly.

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