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Pranayam is a sanskrit word formed from two different words, prana (life force) and ayam (direction). Pranayam means "to provide direction/ dimension to the life force". Though many people wrongly misinterpret it as control over the breath. That is true for sure as yo can't direct the life force unless you have control over your breath as breath and prana are related. Our breath is the carrier of the prana.

As per the yogic lore, if you have mastery over the prana, you have nothing left in the world that you can not conquer. Pranayam when done correctly bestows good health and increases your mental & psychic capabilities.


The course is scientifically designed, carefully fitting the ancient knowledge into the twenty first century's dynamic lifestyle. Covering the various aspects of pranayam, this course will help you to enhance your physical mental and psychic capabilities with the correct pranayam practices best suited to your body type, season place and health conditions.


This course is offered in the form of live online sessions, recorded sessions and offline in person workshops. The recorded sessions can be enrolled for at any point of time at one's conenience. The live online sessions are conducted on multiple dates which will be announced as and when the courses are launched. It also has the benefit of Q and A session.

The offline in person workshop provides a unique experience of learning the techniques with the master and clearing out the doubts as and when they arise. The offline in person workshops are conducted on specific dates which will be announced on our platforms accordingly.

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