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RITUCHARYA- The Seasonal Regimen

Ritucharya is the science of adopting a routine for a particular season. Ayurveda clearly specifies how each season affects our body and how we can with the help of particular daily routines protect ourselves from the adverse effects of those changes. Since Ayurveda was propagates by the sages and seers of ancient Indian subcontinent which experiences six seasons, namely; summer, rainy, autumn, prewinter, winter and spring, therefore, Ayurveda provides us six detailed seasonal regimens.


In this course we learn about the various aspects of our daily life routine which needs to be adjusted according to any particular season. Starting from the sleeping patterns, diet, skin care, clothing, etc. Use of various herbs according to the prakruti of the person (the genetic code) and the changes taking place in the environment. How to alter the same food to best suited for  all family members.


Since this course is about seasonal regimen that needs to be followed for particular season, therefore, there are in all six courses for each season and the dates of which will be notified accordingly. It is not compulsary to attend all the courses, neither will they be conducted at once. One can attend them seperately as and when they are launched.

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